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When building your own business, there are many important aspects to bear in mind. One of them is promotion and sales in social media. There is a difference between the daily use of Facebook or Instagram and business. Social media gives many possibilities for the economic development of business. Use their potential, expand your knowledge, and act! When you create a website for a company, you also automatically set up a Facebook fan page. Thanks to it, you can get more opinions and through regular posts, activity, build trust and interest.

The most popular social media are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Messenger, and Linkedin. Thanks to those platforms, you can get feedback and they will facilitate to specify your target audience. Clients, IT specialists, elderly people, young parents? It’s all up to you.


business in social media


Inspire people, embrace something new. Make them remember you.

Make sure that social media does not address public time in full. Publish clear and legible. Little text, interesting graphics, logos.

How to run Social Media effectively?

1. Content

Depending on the industry in which you operate, you may have many topics to write about on your blog or fan page. Choose the best one and think about how to present it well. List specific issues, plan sales posts. It is also worth writing about business curiosities, news, sometimes even humorous jokes.

2. Cycles 

The cyclical nature of posts means that you have to determine an order of posting them. The recipient will not get lost in the information whirl and will get specific knowledge on a given topic.

3. Form 

You can insert photos of different sizes, create surveys, events when it comes to Facebook. Social media may have many forms. These include, for example, team projects, discussion forums, social games and portals, blogs, or videos.

4. Common element 

Remember that all content, photos, graphics, infographics should have one distinctive style. Thanks to this, recipients will associate your brand better.

5. Frequency 

Publish posts regularly. Add posts daily, preferably in the morning around 10 or in the evening around 19. You should check, when exactly you have the best engagement.

6. Time 

Think about how much time you want to spend on social media. Remember that writing texts, taking pictures, responding to comments, promoting content requires time, work, and patience. All this consumes valuable time, so cooperation with us is a great solution.

7. Tools 

Think about tools you might need in the development of social media. Canva, Photoshop, Pixlr, Adobe Premiere, or free iMovie option. Tools that must meet the requirements to apply them, but it also consumes our time.

8. On your own or with help? 

Will you be able to do everything yourself or is it worth delegating some of the work to people who have more knowledge and competence? You will save time and focus on other important things. However, if you are able to navigate social media efficiently - take matters into your own hands.


business in social media


Promote your business

If you already have a website, there are many ways to make people look at it. Here are a few of them:

  • Invite people from the mailing list
  • Encourage them to join your fan page. In the message, describe the page.
  • Place links wherever possible - promote the site by attaching a link to each email. Leave a link wherever you can, both on the web and on business cards, for example.
  • Make people tag your photos
  • If you organize any events, document them in photographs so that you can later put them on the website.
  • Put widgets on the page
  • Choose one of the newest social plugins and place them on your website and blog for instance: WordPress, Instagram Feed.

social media marketing


It currently has over 14 million users and this number is constantly increasing.

Facebook is a huge dose of knowledge about the behavior, interests of people from your target group that you should use as a brand.


It's a place where the word “business” fits better than the others. There are directors, specialists, marketers, and company owners. You will find people with similar professional profiles and skills. You can easily find contact with them and start cooperation while being in a different country.


Twitter is mainly a close relationship with the other user. It is a medium dominated by politicians and journalists. There are few brands in Poland that use Twitter, and this is a huge mistake, but a great opportunity for you.

Instagram - how to promote yourself?

If you want Instagram to bring good results, you need to ensure regularity and the frequency of publication.

If you start your adventure with Instagram, start by publishing content e.g. every 1-2 days. Check how many people your posts reach and how many users of the application respond to them.

Talk and get involved by:

  • asking questions in posts or Insta Stories
  • asking for help in choosing
  • requests for recommendations

Respond to comments and mentions

If you want to run your business on Instagram, use good practice - reply to comments and mentions about you.


While they’re not essential on Facebook, Instagram has gone crazy about them. Hashtags are available here mainly for photo tagging.

Remember that social media activity is also getting followers. Over time, positive and negative comments may appear. But don't be put off - critics are everywhere. Draw conclusions in time to avoid negative reviews.




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