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Still not sure about our ways of working?

Take a look at the exciting story of the collaboration with one of our clients.

These 6 months were rich in well-thought actions empowering the brand to grow in the new market!


Meet our client better.

Napsie is a new brand offering a wide variety of comfortable bedding products such as mattresses and sleeping accessories (duvets, pillows and bedding). Our collaboration began with the brand's entry into the Polish market. We focused on a range of services to make sure of its best possible kick-off. Strategy creation, introducing social media profiles (Instagram and Facebook), setting up Facebook Ads, and regular influencer marketing... There has been a clear need for a strong set of actions! Winning hearts in Poland is a ,good start, but becoming a popular global mattress manufacturer is a colossal task. is a challenging task.

This is something we specialize in!

Client's goals:

  • Selling products - clearly!
  • Building a strong brand on the market.
  • Reaching the ideal target audience, specifically clients in the 25-35 (age).
  • The image of a premium product but accessible to the most.
  • To be a top brand… For Napsie to become one of the best choices!


See what we have had to face.

Working on brand awareness is important to every new market player. Gaining trust and increasing consumer recognition require not only dedication and hard work but also financial commitments. In this case, we had to go beyond the typical image-building activities. The key condition was clear - a return on marketing expenses after five months of collaboration... at the very least!

Our challenges:

  • lack of brand awareness and customer trust,
  • huge competition in the market,
  • audience concerns regarding online shopping.


Learn more about our ideas and quick wins.

First, we needed to understand the client's needs. In our initial conversations, we focused on discovering the expectations and brand identity. Team brainstorming led us to develop a strong strategy, which enabled us to take the best course of action.

To ensure we would be able to achieve the requirements, our marketing work was divided into two areas:


Building brand
awareness and trust

Designing several sales funnels enabled us to come up with a series of articles to attract various target groups, e.g. people who suffer from back pain. In addition to the image-building activities, we have also leveraged efficient remarketing. The users who have already visited Napsie’s site or expressed their interest in the posts were able to see the targeted ads, including videos. These kinds of campaigns have become a regular item on Napsie's agenda! However, this was just the start of our efforts …

To build trust, building relations was crucial. Our secret? Asking customers to record short video reviews, presenting the products, in exchange for free products and discounts. Sales skyrocketed!

Our scope:

Well-thought-out marketing strategy

It led to achieving the set goals.

Influencer marketing

Increased reach, brand awareness and encouraging content. These were the results of Napsie's mentions on well-known profiles in social media. All the generated photos and videos were a great asset for future campaigns!

Engaging social media

Most of Napsie's audience use Instagram so this is where we focused our attention! We also made sure to revamp the fan page on Facebook, necessary for building the company image.

Unique advertising campaigns

The campaign was multi-channel - Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, etc.

Building a brand image on the market

A multitude of informative sales letters/literature effectively educates/informs our visitors about the brand.

Daily social media management

It is much more than just solely publishing content. We respond to comments and messages and we also engage with the audience directly.


Understand the high-level picture.

A good action plan is a foundation and a guarantee of a coherent message. How does Napsie stand out from the competition? The series of discovery sessions have allowed us to get acquainted with the uniqueness of the brand and highlight the aspects most important to its audience..

Influencer marketing.

Find out how does it work.


  • building brand awareness among customers,
  • increasing sales,
  • creating worthwhile content that will have long-term benefits by generating future ads and social media posts!

Who were we looking for?

Based on the data, we've focused on creators from the following categories: lifestyle, sustainability, parenting, and those promoting a healthy lifestyle. We have reached conscious consumers who value health, comfort and aesthetic design.

How does it work?

Selecting influencers starts with research. The key focus areas are the number of followers, the audience engagement rate (ER), their demographics (age, gender and interests), as well as the published content quality. A typical campaign involves reaching out to 10-30 creators to come to terms for potential collaboration. With great interest in this form of advertising, the process is not the easiest one. However, the results are well worth all the effort! In our case, we've decided to move forward with short videos on Insta Stories as well as posts about mattresses, focusing on the benefits. As a bonus, showcasing unboxings has clearly shown the ease of transport and use of Napsie's products!

Implementation example:

Implementation example Implementation example Implementation example
Implementation example Implementation example Implementation example

Our results:

SALE! All of the influencers received special discount codes ready to be shared with their followers. Our campaign has not only become measurable, but it has also strengthened brand awareness among consumers. The posts have generated a lot of activity and traffic on Napsie's profile. Our audience loved the natural approach and credibility of the literature letters, which were also leveraged on the brand's official channels!

Professional advertising.

Get insights into the successful ads.

From the analysis of the test campaigns results to optimizing the content and advertisements, we have created a unique performance marketing machine from scratch! Adding thoughtful remarketing was a bull's-eye.

Currently, Facebook Ads is the main channel generating traffic and conversions. Our complex campaigns direct the relevant audience to the brand's social media and its blog. By sharing useful information, we build relationships with the visitors and then precisely target ads to make sure they are visible exactly where they should be! Below are the effects of one of the many targeted campaigns:

Professional advertising

The image above shows the profitable results gained from putting 29 days of our marketing approach into action! All these campaigns were addressed to different groups of recipients, leveraging several variants of texts, graphics, or videos simultaneously. All of this is to make sure that the budget is spent in the best possible way. ROAS is a measure of the return on investment from a given ad group. When it is 11.55 - every 1,000 euros invested gives a return of sales equal to 11,550 euros.

First and foremost importantly, we make sure to discontinue/stop the campaigns that don’t/fail to deliver the desired results. This would be an indication for a change of strategy, to either find a new audience or to move ahead with updated materials.


  • The Napsie store was visited by almost 60,000 unique users!
  • Sales are growing by an average of 126% month on month - and this number is getting bigger!
  • We reached 6 101 251 users, building brand awareness.
  • We have published over 160 posts and 288 stories on Instagram, which bring us closer to our community.
  • We worked with over 40 influencers, feedback from their followers was 100% positive. They also showed interest in the product!
  • In the third month of our collaboration, we achieved a level of profitability!
Big Idea

A recipe for success by introducing a new product to a competitive market? There is no such a thing! Each brand has a unique audience, and that's why well-conducted tests and trials are crucial. To determine the most profitable channels and forms of advertising, it is more

beneficial to start with a small-scale campaign. This quickly leads to the conscious decision of investing a larger budget into something that will bring a real return.. A conscious decision based on actual results - not just based on luck! As Cheepro, we already know Napsie very well! Isn’t this the right time to get to know your brand?

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