Influencer marketing

Working with influencers is a way to leverage social media visibility. Our experts will find people who will advertise your brand perfectly!

  • Get authentic and credible advertising
  • Use storytelling to increase sales
  • Build a trusted audience
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 Influencer marketing

Influencers are perceived by their audience as experts, authorities in the field they specialise in. This is why influencers have such a strong influence on their audience, who perceive their actions and opinions as credible and authentic. These statements are supported by research. The latest one, conducted by ARC Market and Opinion and Dentsu Aegis Network Poland, showed that especially in the youngest age group, influencers have a much bigger impact than celebrities.

Influencer marketing involves working with selected influencers, who become intermediaries between the brand and consumers. This type of cooperation can bring great benefits, but only if it is carefully planned and influencers selected so that their message is indeed perceived as credible.

When deciding on influencer marketing, it is worth realising that there is no one influencer for another. We divide them into two categories: macro-influencers and micro-influencers. Although this division does not have strictly defined boundaries and changes with the popularity of individual channels, the difference between macro- and micro-influencers is based on the number of their fans.

Macro-influencers have from a few tens of thousands to over a million. Their accounts are more like web portals than social profiles. Cooperation with large influencers can support advertising campaigns focused on high brand exposure.

Micro-influencers have fewer fans, between one thousand and ten thousand, but are more authentic to their audiences. Research also shows that content published by micro-influencers achieves a higher engagement rate than the first group. Therefore, they are ideal partners for promoting content dedicated to precisely defined target groups.

The advantages of working with influencers are numerous. Thanks to them, your company can reach a very specific target group with its message, products or services. A campaign prepared by influencers may also be closer to consumers because it does not resemble classic advertising activities - it is much more authentic, creative and original. That's why it's a good idea to let influencers talk about your products or services in their own language, and even encourage storytelling to tell the story of your brand. Influencer marketing can also have a positive impact on your visibility in Google search rankings, as influencers will tag your brand or website in their prepared materials.

Influencer advertising is effective but requires market knowledge, so it's best to put it in the hands of our specialists. We will choose the right influencers for you who will promote your company in an authentic and credible way. This is very important as consumers are very sensitive to messages that do not match the profiles they follow on a daily basis! In addition, we will take care of every detail of the cooperation with influencers, from the development of the campaign strategy through content production to the analysis of results.

Advertising on TikTok

Advertising on TikTok will help you reach a young, energetic audience that loves to share great content.

  • Target generation Z
  • Use new trends to get new consumers
  • Challenge your brand with TikTok
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Advertising on TikTok

Advertising on TikTok will help you reach a young, energetic audience that loves to share great content. The list of brands spending money on TikTok ads is growing, both in the numbers and in the breadth of the products they sell. While the audience on TikTok is big, it doesn’t span every demographic—yet. For now, brands that target generation Z and younger millennials will find the largest pool of potential customers.

TikTok offers several options for paid advertising. In-feed ads are short-form videos that appear in users’ news feed on the For You page. They look similar to native TikToks, so they blend organically into the feed. Right now, they are the only ad option available to self-service advertising customers. In a branded hashtag challenge, a brand asks TikTok users to videotape themselves performing something, like a choreographed dance, and then post it with a specific hashtag. Brand takeovers are full-screen, three- to five-second video ads that show up as soon as someone opens the app. The ad will also show up in the For You feed. You can include a clickable hashtag or website link as well. Like brand takeovers, TopView ads display on the full screen. The difference is that these ads can be 60 seconds long, and they are on a delayed play, so they don’t start with app startup. Branded effects are custom stickers, AR filters, and lenses users can add to their own video. They’re similar to Instagram’s AR Filters. Each new branded effect is available for 10 days.

But with such a new marketing platform, it can be difficult to know how to do it effectively. We’re here to help. We’ll walk you through the process of creating a good campaign on TikTok.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Social media offers a huge range of possibilities. Our digital agency will help you decide which advertising campaign will have the biggest effect.

  • Build an engaged community
  • Acquire customers for your products and services
  • Increase brand awareness
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Reklama na Facebooku

A well-designed social media advertising campaign has clearly defined objectives. Apart from those mentioned above, it may be focused on building brand awareness, engaging fans, expanding the audience for your products, services or mailing base, collecting leads and increasing traffic to your website or e-commerce. All this is possible thanks to active interaction with fans.

What distinguishes social media campaigns from classic activities undertaken on the Internet? It is the interaction. While banner campaigns allow the recipients to only passively click on them, ads in social media channels give the possibility to establish contact with the customer. Comments, content sharing, direct redirection of consumers from selected ads directly to the product or service, make this tool practically irreplaceable in promotional activities.

In social media, brands can also afford more freedom, humour and more diverse messages. Thanks to the multitude of advertising formats offered by social channels, you can promote with graphics, video, directly in Messenger messages, on InstaStories, creating carousels or animations. This freedom allows you to precisely match the format to your actions, e.g. in a video you can tell more about a product or service than in a graphic, while a carousel will show the whole range of your offer and redirect the internet user directly to your e-commerce or website.

An interesting aspect of social media is also its virality effect. Sometimes a really small budget is enough for a campaign to achieve high reach, thanks to the involvement of fans. Social media also allows you to be on time. Here it is worth investing in real time marketing (RTM), i.e. campaigns or posts that refer to current events and usually comment on them in a light, amusing way. Promotion of posts is also influenced by hashtags, which are so popular on Instagram that they have been hailed as Instagram SEO, allowing users to search for specific content using just this tag.

Like any advertising campaign, a social media campaign needs to be carefully designed and the content well thought out. Fans can be unforgiving, and while the saying "social media crises erupt on weekends" seems funny, it's true and many marketers have found out the way how hard it is to put them out.

If you're not experienced in creating campaigns on social media channels, it's worth entrusting them to specialists. We will create for you not only the strategy of action, but also determine the target group, the media budget needed for the promotion to be effective and create promotional materials. Our experts know how to expand your customer pool, analyse their behaviour and encourage them to buy your products or services. Social media can be the driving force behind your sales.

Each campaign is also an opportunity to learn something new about your customers, and analysing their behaviour allows you to create even more effective advertising campaigns in the future.

Advertising on YouTube

Video campaigns are becoming increasingly popular. This means that effective online advertising relies heavily on using the YouTube platform!

  • Reach completely new customers
  • Tailor your ads to your audience's preferences
  • Generate positive emotions and increase sales
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Kampanie reklamowe w internecie

Effective video advertising allows you to reach users across the country or even the world with your offer. The advantage of videos is that you can tell consumers more about your product or service, in a way that best suits your brand. You can opt for a classic advertising video, a tutorial, which is a video that tells users what they can do with your product or service, a testimonial, which allows you to share feedback from satisfied customers with new consumers, or partner with a YouTuber to promote your company to their fans.

The types of ads on YouTube are very diverse and have different lengths, so it is easy to match the right format to your advertising needs. Available to advertisers are: display ads (displayed next to the video), ad overlays (visible directly in the video window), skippable ads (displayed before, during or after the completed video, which can be ended after 5 seconds) and non-skippable ads (users must watch them in their entirety).

Why invest in video ads? Because they best meet the needs of today's consumers, who expect fast communication, digestible even in a very short time. The challenge for creators is to create such a video that will attract consumers' attention, be attractive and engaging, but also easy to receive. Fortunately, there are no limits to creativity on YouTube. All you need to do is properly develop a communication strategy and create a campaign that responds to your business objectives.

The advantages of video advertising are undoubtedly reaching the selected target group with the communication, at the right time and place. Thanks to the possibility of precise targeting of advertising campaigns on the basis of keywords, demographic data and even by interests, your message will reach consumers who are most interested in your offer. Videos can also be shared on Google, which owns the YouTube platform.

As a result, your communication will positively impact your brand awareness, increase consumer engagement and sales. Even with a small advertising budget, you can promote your products and services to a large group of customers, because most formats are billed by the number of views and whether the viewer watches your video in its entirety.

If you entrust us with the work on your video, we will develop an engaging script that meets your business needs, we will take care of production of the material, as well as its promotion. Throughout the campaign, we will monitor its effectiveness and optimise it on an ongoing basis so that it works towards your success. At the end of the campaign we will also prepare a report, which will allow us to better adapt the content to the preferences of your clients.

Google campaigns

Good advertising on Google AdWords will help you exploit the potential of the search engine! We will make sure that your offer reaches people who are actually interested in your product.

  • Allow your customers to find you
  • You will adjust your advertising to your needs
  • Your sales results will increase
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Reklama w Google

Google is the most famous search engine in the world. Not surprisingly, the advertising formats available on the platform are very diverse and can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. With Google Ads, you can reach existing customers and attract new ones, promote your company and familiarise Internet users with your offer.

Before starting a campaign, the most important thing is to define your business goals. You can focus on sales, increasing website traffic or brand awareness and reach, promoting applications or building a base of new potential customers. Each of these goals can be achieved using completely different tools offered by Google.

Choosing the type of campaign is the next step in building communication. You can choose from image campaigns, product campaigns, campaigns focusing on the visual aspect of your offer or video campaigns. For each campaign, you need to choose the right keywords, which will correspond to the keywords that your customers type into the search engine. The better the keywords, the higher your ads will appear in search results.

The next step is to set your advertising budget. With Google Ads, you only pay for ads that reach your audience or potential customers. This is made possible by the option to pay per click rather than per display. Of course, your ad will still be visible in search results (helpful for building brand awareness), but you will only pay for it if an internet user clicks on it.

Although Google Ads campaigns may seem simple on the surface, we approach each campaign as a separate challenge in order to make it effective. Together with you we will define your goals and answer the question "how to advertise on the Internet". We will then focus on selecting the best keywords to promote your products or services and create the right advertising formats to make your campaign a success.

But it doesn't stop there! During the campaign, we will monitor its profitability and adjust it on an ongoing basis according to your budget, so that it brings the best results and allows you to achieve your business goals. As a result, your brand awareness will increase and you will gain new customers interested in your offer, which will increase your sales!

Advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest for many is a source of inspiration, including shopping inspiration. Our experts know exactly how to find people who are inspired by your brand or product.

  • Increase traffic to your content on or off Pinterest
  • Showcase your products and content in a simple image format
  • Increase in-store purchases
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Advertising on Pinterest

There are three categories of advertising campaign objectives on Pinterest: creating brand awareness, attracting interest and gaining conversions.

There are five advertising formats available on Pinterest, based on Pins, which can be used for pre-selected objectives. One.

Promoted Pin - takes the form of a vertical or square image. It is used to increase the visibility of the Pins you share on your company profile.

Promoted Video Pin - this promoted Pin also has a square or rectangular form, except that instead of a static image, it features a dynamic video.

Promoted App Pin - use this format to increase the number of installations of your app. The pin takes the form of an image with a description. A link attached to this type of advertisement can redirect the Pinner when clicked to the App Store or Google Play. You can also opt for an option with an easy install button, so the user will download your app without having to leave Pinterest.

Carousel Pins - this format is similar to a Promoted Pin or Promoted Video Pin, except that you can present the viewer with multiple images or videos at the same time, which they scroll through, like cards (it looks similar to how it looks on Instagram).

Shopping Pins - with this format, you upload products from your range and create something like a catalogue on Pinterest. You mark each photo with something like labels, after clicking which Pinners are shown detailed information about the products in the photo.

Positioning your company in Google

SEO allows you to increase your company's visibility on Google. We will create a strategy for you that will enable cheap positioning that gives fantastic results.

  • You will increase the visibility of your shop or website.
  • Customers will start coming to you on their own
  • Give yourself a competitive advantage
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Positioning your company in Google

SEO consists of two types of activities: activities directly on the website (called on-site SEO), such as optimising content and metatags, and activities carried out off-site (called off-site SEO), such as acquiring external links that lead to your online shop or website (link building).

The key aim of all these activities is to create content that best answers the questions users ask in the search engine. This way, your e-commerce will appear high in search results and your offer will answer specific questions from potential customers. SEO can focus on the general categories of your business or it can take the form of local SEO, which ensures that you reach an audience in a specific area.

The first step to starting effective SEO is answering the question of who you are targeting with your website. Any online shop or website promoting an offer can be directed to other companies (B2B) or to customers (B2C). Just as in the case of advertising and promotional activities, in the case of SEO, it is extremely important to determine the end recipient and develop specific solutions dedicated to a specific target group.

Only in the next step does the work on on-site SEO begin. If you are just starting your e-commerce, working on SEO will be easier, and if you already have a functioning website or online shop, the work should start with an SEO audit. Later, we'll create the right site structure and content for you, which will answer the specific questions of your potential customers. Internal linking, a friendly UX of the website and optimisation of the code so that the page loads quickly are also important.

In parallel, work is done on off-site SEO and acquiring links that will lead to your site. Link building is important because it acts like a referral system. If your company is mentioned on many sites, the search engine indexes it as worthy of recommendation, and thus your site will appear more often in search results. Of course, not all links have the same value, so we will ensure that your shop is only mentioned on pages that are related to your business.

Another important aspect of building SEO is deciding on local positioning. This is an ideal solution for all companies that are building their brands locally. It involves adjusting your website to queries for specific regions or cities, or even districts! If you run a restaurant in Lublin, it is worth investing in this type of positioning, because it will respond to queries such as: "good food in Lublin" or "great restaurant Lublin Old Town". While working on local SEO, we will also take care of building your positive image in Google Moja Firma and in portals evaluating services.

And now for the most important thing: what effects does positioning give? Firstly, it increases organic (free) traffic to your shop or website. Thanks to this, more potential customers will learn about your e-commerce company, your brand recognition will increase and you will attract the attention of a larger audience. On the other hand, you will reach specific audiences with your offer, who are looking for specific products, services and solutions.

Creating online shops

E-commerce solutions are something we enjoy! Our experts know that designing online shops requires a comprehensive understanding of your audience and their needs.

  • You'll get a reliably functioning shop
  • Highlight all your products
  • Highlight the unique features of your business
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Projektowanie sklepów internetowych

Running an online shop is a complement to traditional trade, and in recent times, even the main channel for selling products and services. That's why our offer is designed to help you get started and provide support on the first straight. It is really comprehensive, both for start-ups and those with many years of experience who plan to develop their business. The shops and websites we design work with proven and reliable e-commerce solutions.

It is not easy to create online shops because many factors influence their final appearance and operation - from graphic design, through a properly selected e-commerce platform, CMS, to IT support. We start each project from a thorough study of the offer you want to introduce on the market. In the next step, we determine the size of the online shop which will be needed to expose all your products or the volume of the website needed to promote all your services.

Then, we create a functional mock-up, which contains the elements and modules that your online shop will consist of. At this stage, we make sure that it is intuitive for users, the quality of service is fast and the purchase path is clear. When we finish working on the back office, we start designing the homepage and individual subpages of your e-shop - categories, product cards, basket, etc. While working on the visual identity, we'll make sure it matches the image of your company and emphasises the unique features of your business.

The last step is programming. At this stage, we'll take care of hosting, e-mail configuration and implementation of all necessary certificates to make your shop work properly. At the very end, our experts will design the mobile side of your e-shop or website. It is very important nowadays that every website works well on all kinds of devices, especially mobile ones. As statistics show, mobile has almost 28% of the advertising market share, and the number of mobile page views is growing all the time.

Once your online shop is complete, take advantage of our services to help you start selling online. We offer individual services, such as SEO positioning, as well as integrated marketing, which will support the development of your business on many levels.

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