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Do you have any questions? Below you will find answers to the questions most frequently asked by our clients. Hope this will be helpful!

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Frequently asked questions
Does Cheepro offer discounts for nonprofit organizations?

Applications made by nonprofit organizations can be reviewed for consideration.

How do you assign specialists for a particular project?

Allocation of resources is strictly influenced by the scale of the project. We are flexible to increase our resource allocation as per the needs of the project or the client.

What if I don’t know the account email?

If you do not know the email address associated with the Cheepro account being charged, please provide as many of the following as you can (if applicable) when you reach out to us. This will help us locate the account and help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

  • PayPal Billing Agreement ID, charge amount and date
  • Credit card type, charge amount and date
  • Cheepro invoice number
  • Email address(es) that may have been used to create the account, or the email domain
  • Full name of the account owner
How do you safeguard my intellectual property?

When you sign a contract with us, we ensure to offer maximum security to your intellectual property in every possible way. Our contracts cover the clause of intellectual property rights and NDA in minute details, and we routinely arrange employee trainings and audits to ensure that the intellectual property rights of our clients are duly preserved.

Our organization has a tax-exempt number. How do I update our invoice?

Currently there is no way to manually update accounts with tax-exempt numbers. Please reach out to your project manager with your tax-exempt number and we will update your account for you.

What should I do if I haven't received my invoice?

If you have a Cheepro account, you will need to contact your dedicated project manager to request an invoice.

What methods of payment does Cheepro accept?

Cheepro accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Paypal instant payments as methods of payment.

To make payments from a bank account, connect the bank account to PayPal, and use PayPal as your primary method of payment.

We do not accept payment by check, debit, prepaid cards, wire transfers, or Paypal eCheck.


Cheepro says 'Your account is on hold because of a problem with your last payment.'

If you see an error that says:
“Your account is on hold because of a problem with your last payment”
It indicates that Cheepro could not collect payment. This could happen for several reasons:

● The payment method may be lacking funds (please note that other pending charges or authorizations can impact the available balance on your card).

● The payment method has expired or is no longer valid.

● Your financial institution did not approve the monthly charge.

● The payment information provided to does not match what your bank has on file.

● US Only: The credit card zip code on your Cheepro account does not match the one listed with your bank.

To resolve the issue: update your payment method or contact your financial institution

Why was I double-billed?

Suspended accounts are reinstated when the payment method is updated and any outstanding balance is settled. This also resets the billing cycle, resulting in a secondary charge for the new month (old charges + new charge = two charges).

Alternatively, when two people have unknowingly created two accounts using the same payment information, it can seem like you’re being double-billed (two accounts = two charges).

Contact us to help locate and close the secondary account.

Why was my Cheepro account automatically renewed?

Cheepro services are purchased as subscriptions that are billed in advance on a monthly or yearly basis (depending on your selected billing preference) and renew automatically.

As per our terms of service, Cheepro will process the form of payment on the account on each renewal term on the calendar day corresponding to the first day you subscribed to a paid subscription.

To avoid having your account automatically renewed, cancel it before your renewal date.

Why am I receiving an invoice after downgrading?

When an account is downgraded, a final invoice (or Settlement of Accounts) is automatically sent to the email address associated with the Cheepro account.

It may appear that the account has been charged again, but the final invoice is generated to provide the account holder with:

  • a record of any final transactions that may have occurred after the downgrade and within the last 30 days, such as late payments;
  • and confirmation that the account has been settled and has a $0 balance.
What should I do if my transaction is declined?

Should your payment transaction be declined but your payment method (credit card, for example) is in good standing, you may want to reach out to your credit card company by calling the toll-free phone number listed on the back of your card.

Alternatively, your Cheepro billing information can be updated to process a new form of payment.

Is my Cheepro account subject to tax?

Paying Cheepro accounts are charged the following taxes in the areas indicated, based on the account’s billing address:

Sales Tax (USA)

  • Arizona, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Washington are subject to the applicable state sales tax.
  • Cheepro is an Incorporated company based out of Hong Kong, so the appropriate form should be used with the IRS.

Sales Tax (Australia, New Zealand)

  • All states, regions, and territories of Australia and New Zealand are subject to the applicable sales tax.

Sales Tax (Canada)

  • All provinces and territories of Canada are subject to the applicable sales tax.

VAT (EU, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland)

  • The local standard Value-Added Tax (VAT) rate is applied in all European Union countries, and in Norway, South Africa, and Switzerland.
  • Enter your own VAT number with your billing information to have VAT excluded from future invoices.

Tax will be applied as a separate line item on your Cheepro invoice.

Note: Sales tax legislation, as well as our requirements to collect sales tax as a vendor, are subject to periodic change. As a result, Cheepro regularly reviews its sales tax compliance obligations and may modify its application of sales tax to customer invoices from time to time as required by law and in accordance with the Terms of Service.


How can I get help resolving a billing issue?

Please reach out to us with your Cheepro account email and a description of the billing issue you are experiencing.

Where do you offer your software development services from?

We deliver our services from multiple centers located at different major cities across the world, but most of our specialists are in Poland.

Do you have any local project managers for each client?

A dedicated locally based project manager can be arranged for your venture at a supplementary cost.

How are the meetings/updates managed for overseas clients, particularly where the time gap is substantial?

As per the requirements of the particular project, daily/alternate-days/weekly meetings are scheduled over Skype, Phone calls, or GoToMeeting. We provide clients with comprehensive access of our project management application, to ensure that they can acquire exhaustive information regarding project development whenever they wish to. One-hour overlap with respect to the particular time zone of the client is offered to ensure seamless communication. During this period, the clients are encouraged to interact with major resources or the entire team engaged in the project, as per their requirements. If required, we are also open to work at particular hours, out of our normal work schedule, for an additional charge.

Can I get a list of all your resources and their qualifications and experience?

We cannot really provide you with this information, as our list of resources is quite exhaustive. However, you can be assured that all our team members are experienced and well-trained to complete their assigned tasks in a flawless way. We maintain strict hiring policies and choose people with specialized skill sets, as our employees are our biggest strength.

Do you provide end-user documentation?

We deliver end-user documentation only in cases where it is unequivocally cited in the work order, for which you might need to pay an additional fee.

How can I request a change in my project / code / application?

Cheepro follows a standard procedure in this regard. As soon as a change request is submitted, it is first confirmed by the client, and an impact analysis is performed. We get back to the client with altered deadlines and estimation of charges. Once the approximations are sanctioned, we start employing the modifications at the earliest.

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