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Do you feel like your marketing strategies are not enough to promote your business effectively? Or maybe you feel like you can do something extra to boost the visibility of your brand? Maybe the solution is easier than you think - and you probably use it every day. The answer is - social media.

Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are versatile, cost-effective and powerful tools with a great marketing potential and shouldn't be underestimated when managing the marketing of your brand. They gather 3,5 billion users from which the vast majority is on two most powerful platforms - Facebook and Instagram. Which one is better for promoting your business? In this article we will help you to decide on which of the two social media platforms it is best to focus your brand strategy.

fb or ig

Facebook is the older and bigger of the two. It gathers 2.4 billion of users. It is so popular and renowned it became a staple for new brands to start a promoting their Facebook business page. Instagram is a newer platform that gathers around 1 billion users but this number is growing so fast it is said to outdo Facebook in the near future. Moreover, Instagram statistics are much more impressive than Facebook's. Reports say that the engagement rate for brands on Facebook is 0.09%, in comparison to 1,60% per post on Instagram. Finally, it is important to note that Instagram gathers younger audience, mainly before 30 years old, while Facebook users are generally older. What one has to remember is that both platforms have a display algorithms that makes it difficult to gain organic reach for the brands posts, in which case professional marketing help might be required. Facebook algorithm is generally thought to be more challenging than Instagram's.

However, the difference that's most important for business owners is the way how audience uses each social network. That's the factor we recommend to base your decision on.

Facebook is a multipurpose, versatile and largely informational social network. It is detail driven and bases mainly on text and information, it offers plenty of tools to share content - text, photos, videos, stories, surveys, groups, events and a very specialised advertisement tool for promoting your brand. Considering the character of the platform the content you put on Facebook has to be well-considered and a bit more formal and measured. On Facebook, people tend to look for such information as business hours, address, contact info or upcoming events.

facebook or instagram

Instagram is about capturing moments. It's all about photos and videos, discovering and having fun. It offers only three tools for creating content - photos, videos and stories. A simplified and less official form of communication with a viewer increases your chances to get seen and engaged with - Instagram is hyper focused on content. People don't use Instagram to find out your business hours or to see the menu. They use Instagram to relax and engage. They want to see a pictures from the event you hosted or a story about the day in your office. That's why Instagram is such an effective social media tool to gain popularity, build recognizability and create the image of the brand.

Imagine that Facebook is like Starbucks. It offers hundreds of kinds of coffee and food and provides users with different possibilities, and there's truly something for everyone. Instagram, on the other hand, is a small coffee shop downtown that offers three kinds of coffee. It doesn't let you get distracted and it's super focused on its core features - on promoting what's best - excellent coffee.

Both Facebook and Instagram are powerful marketing tools but what's most important is that they have to be used intentionally. The biggest mistake businesses can make is treating both platforms the same while on each of them different techniques have to be used. Content that works on Instagram doesn't always translate well to Facebook. 

facebook vs instagram

What to choose? What social media platform - Facebook or Instagram - is better for your business? To be honest, only the combination of multitasking of Facebook with lightsomnes of Instagram might give the best effects and a comprehensive care of the potential client. However, it might be challenging to start advertising on both platforms at once, in this case we recommend using professional help - and in this - we got you covered. Check our offer for digital marketing solutions and see how you can make your business glow in social media!



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