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A company should exist on the Internet so that it can reach the widest audience, in particular those who seek information mainly on the Internet. Increasingly, companies are deciding to write a blog directly related to the industry they are involved in. Is it worth doing at all? Why does your company need a blog? Here are some of the reasons:

1. Show yourself as an expert

Each company wants to be a leader in its industry, and employees want to be perceived as experts in their field. Running a blog is one of the ways to achieve this goal, requiring less investment than sponsored articles, media, and image activities. Creating valuable content helps you stand out from the competition, as well as gain the trust of potential customers who trust products created by professionals. The creation of competences is particularly important in the sale of services that require knowledge to implement them. If recipients have a chance to meet the creators of the blog and find out that they have a lot of knowledge, are able to solve problems and show credibility, they decide to use their services.

2. Give customers a place to connect with the brand

Customers make purchasing decisions based on the information they find on the Internet. On the blog, brands have the opportunity to present the values that guide them in a way tailored to the audience. Before publishing any content, you need to specify who they want to reach. This will definitely increase the chances of reaching the chosen target group. A well-maintained blog provides information about the company and convinces customers to use services or purchase products.

3. Acquire new customers and website traffic

A blog maintained by the company increases the brand's visibility on Google and makes it easier to reach people seeking answers to the topics covered. Potential customers do not always enter the company name in the search engine. They often get to the site through the content that interests them. Such visits are very valuable, because they come from users seeking solutions to specific problems. Content creation and running a blog is a source of getting links. Readers share inspirational and useful publications on their channels, thereby strengthening the potential of a specific article and the whole page. From this point of view, a company blog is a good SEO tool that drives additional traffic to the site. It is an integral part of the company's website. The content posted here is visible in search engines as well as the content on the page. Thanks to this, saturating the blog (not over-saturation!) with keywords and phrases, most often searched by potential customers, increases the number of website visitors.


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4. Build a "long tail" and strengthen the SEO


If entries are properly promoted on the homepage, search engines index them very highly. The articles give the opportunity to build a "long tail" or queries entered by potential customers in the search engine. Each industry has a catalog of phrases that fall under the "long tail" range with high potential that should not be underestimated. Answering the most frequently asked questions on the Internet goes forward to the expectations and searches of potential customers facing the purchase decision.


5. Google likes fresh content


Google appreciates fresh content and promotes it, what's more, pages updated on a regular basis are much better perceived than those on which the same information has been found for several years. With each entry, a new subpage is created, and regular actions mean that the search engine treats such sites better. Systematic publications signal that the site is growing and developing, which is why it is more favorably perceived in the search engine.


Running a blog gives you the opportunity to use new methods of communication with potential and existing customers. Thanks to discussions with readers, we show the personality and authenticity of the brand, and relationships are in the nature of a personal relationship. Marketing campaigns created based on blog content, have a positive impact on sales and increase the range of promotion. Blog articles enable the positioning of key phrases assigned to a specific industry and using the power of SEO. When considering the arguments for running a company blog, it is worth remembering that the effects shouldn’t be expected immediately after publishing. It is a long-term process and the real results are visible in the long run, but it’s worth undertaking this effort.


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