What is remarketing? How does it work?



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Marketing itself aims to do one thing - get more sales. The term means support activities performed by using various methods and techniques to influence the buyer. And remarketing turns out to be another useful strategy. Why is it so effective? The point is that not every customer who sees your ad or interacts with any element of a marketing campaign will buy your product. In fact, 97% of people who reach your site for the first time, leave it without buying your product.


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What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a repetition of the advertising message. This is displaying an advertisement to a user who has already visited a website before. It is a strategy in which we reach people who have already visited our website, have shown interest in our products, services or other marketing activities, such as sharing a post on Facebook or clicking an ad. Some people will visit your website out of pure curiosity, others will look at your products that may not be available, and then it’s probable that they will go to the competition's website. Then what? This method helps to focus your efforts on potential customers who are already at a slightly further stage of the sales funnel and prevent clients from forgetting the brand.


How does remarketing work?

We are all followed on the Internet, and knowledge about us is used to provide personalized advertising messages. What do you need to know before you start using remarketing yourself? First of all, it’s necessary to add a piece of code on your website, which is called a tag or pixel (depending on where you want to display the remarketing). Thanks to this, you will be allowed to monitor your visitors on your website and automatically build the remarketing list through cookies for future ads. The code itself can be adapted differently depending on specific subpages and categories. For example, you can have separate lists for potential clients of different ages and interested in other categories of products or services. Then, ads targeted to such groups will appear on pages that accept ads from the Google Display Network.


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Which channels can be used for remarketing?

  • Google Display Network

This is the most popular way to use remarketing. Thanks to the Google Display Network, Google displays advertisements on a reserved space on web portals and in mobile applications. In this way, it reaches people who are looking for products or services not only in the search engine, but also through websites and applications on smartphones, which are free in exchange for displaying ads. The greatest advantage of the Google Display Network is targeting ads very precisely. Thanks to cookies, it obtains information of users basing on their activity and history of searching, and then - targets ads to specific audiences.

  • E-mail marketing

As some people have already signed up for your newsletter, they may be interested in your products or services and they are aware of your brand. Now, you have the option of targeting them using the mailing list.

  • Video ads

Commercial videos are a very effective tool in marketing. You can reach people using YouTube, where your ads will be displayed while watching videos on this popular platform. You can also schedule the video ad sequence to display viewers in a specific order. And how to create such commercial videos? Don’t worry! Commercial videos are included in our offer! Our experts will advise you on the topic and create an effective commercial video for your company.


What are the benefits of remarketing? Read our previous article on remarketing to find out.


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