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Images, written content and commercial videos - Facebook is the perfect social platform to publish them. Commercial videos seems to be the most engaging of all the three. But why? See four reasons why you should use commercial videos in your digital marketing strategy and what type of videos may be the best for promoting your products or services!

commercial videos

1. Videos attract attention. Video is noticed more than other media. In the world overloaded with information, the advantage in the fight for customer attention is priceless.

2. Video is a powerful tool for triggering emotions. Movies through the image, tone of voice, music, facial expression allow you to instantly build a mood. And emotions, which are confirmed even by B2B marketing specialists, strongly influence the client's decision-making process.

3. Movie production is no longer expensive as it used to be. Professional videos on every topic are within the reach of even a small business budget. They can be successfully used by an aesthetic dermatology cabinet, purchase of scrap metal, interior designer, plumber, company creating advertising boards, gardener or packaging manufacturer.

4. Higher conversion. 71% of marketing specialists confirm that video has a much higher conversion rate than other types of content. Customers respond better and get more involved watching the video. Video achieves far better results in engaging audiences than other forms of content presentation. If you want to achieve 10 times more involvement in social media post videos. You will get more likes, comments, redirects and shares.

commercial videos reasons to use

What types of movies?

1. Demo movies. Videos about how the product works. It is worth showing how the product works, how to use it or how to assemble it. Each video can be the answer to hundreds of questions from potential customers. In this type of videos, you can also explain to viewers why they need your products or services. They often show a person struggling with a problem whose solution is to use your product or service.

2. Brands video. Brand movies are usually part of a larger promotion. They show the company's vision and mission of its products and services. The purpose of films about the brand is to build awareness, attract the interest of the target group.

3. Interviews with external experts or specialists from your company. Talking to a person who knows the topic well helps build trust among customers.

4. Videos with the opinions of your customers increase trust. Satisfied customers are the company's most important promoters. Record their statements and share it! 


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