Tips on sales techniques: 4. Remarketing



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Tips on sales techniques: 4. Remarketing

According to various sources, it is said that you need 3 to 7 contacts with a future customer before they decide to buy something from you. And it is not about the prospective customer seeing from 3 to 7 ads and purchase requests. The idea is to give him something 3 to 7 times first, and then show the advertisement in 4 or 8 times and ask for a purchase.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is advertising. You show an advertisement to someone who has been on your site before. On average, about 1-2% of those who visit your website make a purchase. Therefore, 99% of people remain to serve. You should target ads in remarketing, for example links to articles on the blog. Of all those who visited your site, exclude those who made your purchase and then show them ads. Gradually, these people will move to the group that has already made the purchase. You can also apply remarketing to this group to increase their value over time.


What are the benefits of remarketing?

  • Increased conversions - you target the remarketing ad to people who already know you, were on your page, maybe they saw the offer. It is much easier to convince them to buy the product they were looking for.
  • Keeping customers with you - you can use remarketing at every stage of sales and customer relationships. Start by re-inviting you to your website, for example to a new blog article, and end with a reminder that he has left products added to the cart but has not placed the order.
  • Increased sales on a scale - you don't have to manually write information about each customer in Excel or the CRM system. Everything happens almost automatically. You can operate on a large group of people who are at the same stage, which greatly facilitates the service.

In a series of tips on sales techniques, we intend to show the best methods for sales techniques. This one is definitely in the top 3. As soon as you start using it, you will see the effects with the naked eye and this method will stay with you forever on the road to success in sales.

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