What is real time marketing?



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Real-time marketing (RTM) is an innovative way of promoting. Although it has been with marketers for a long time and many major brands have been using it successfully, many small businesses or individuals are just beginning to use it.

What is real time marketing?

As the name suggests, the real time marketing definition will be based on the concept of real time, so it will be more accurately about the ability to react quickly. The most important rule to follow - is that the advertisement we create should relate in some way to recent world events. What events are we talking about? These can be unpredictable statements or behavior of politicians, holidays and festivities, funny situations in the world of celebrities or events in the sports world, which is everything that at the moment is gaining the attention of millions.

real time marketing

Why is it worth to use real time marketing?

Real time marketing doesn't require too much money, but it requires reflexes and creativity. The advantage is also the fact that if we manage to create a really good and relevant advertisement - reach, brand awareness and the number of people watching us can really jump up quickly! The combination of an unusual situation with our advertising or promotion aims to interest the recipients and make them look closely at our advertising. In contrast to clichéd and deceptive commercials, e.g. television or graphic, the recipient is interested in the event from the real world, which he knows or has just heard about it.

Examples of real time marketing

One of its most popular examples are the activities of the Oreo brand during the Super Bowl in 2013. When the lights went out and pitch darkness fell, the Twitter brand released posts saying that in the dark you can still eat Oreo cookies, which brought her recognition in the eyes of the recipients.

real time marketing oreo


The tweet, prepared by 360i, has received over 14,000 retweets. Thanks to the graphic that appeared on social media, the brand gained 2,000 followers on Twitter and 34,000 on Instagram.

Snickers' most famous RTM action is that of a player Suizz's bite of the opponent's team:

real time marketing snickers


As you can guess, the psychological mechanism is simple - none of us likes to lose good opportunities, so using real-time marketing and adequate live information can encourage people to act faster.


No need to explain that you need to be up to date, in several sources a day. A few minutes of the morning press is certainly not enough! You should monitor various channels as often as possible so that you don't miss anything important. Remember, every minute is valuable from the moment of news, so alertness above all.


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