Memes for business. TOP 3 reasons you should use them!



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Worldwide social phenomenon of memes on the Internet amazes many digital marketers. Memes turn out to be one of the most engaging content in marketing strategy. Memes used intentionally and relevant, can help build relationships with potential customers. In this article, we'll introduce the top 3 reasons why you should consider using memes in your content marketing strategy.

Meme is a specific form of communication on the Internet. Most often it is a picture with a signature referring to certain situations with which the recipient can identify. It arouses emotions and excellently generates reactions on the Internet.


memes in marketing


  • Memes create communities.

Memes make people feel part of a community that thinks in a similar way, understands a particular reference or identifies with a particular message. They are easy to read and create - the most popular memes are simple pictures with added text. However, you need to be careful with that - whether memes are adequate for our brand or not, will be the most important factor determining the success or failure of such communication. Even if there is an excellent meme on the Internet, but it hasn’t got the slightest connection with our brand, just leave it. 

  • Memes generate large reach.

Memes are more readily shared than any other content. Shares, comments and reactions build reach, and this results in reaching a wide audience for the campaign. Reach for each campaign is particularly important, as long as we remember that the biggest goal of marketing communication is the engagement of the target group, not the reach itself.

  • Memes establish ongoing contact with recipients. 

The time of creating an advertisement or content in Social Media a year ahead has ended - current communication will always be more willingly watched and read. This is real-time marketing (RTM), which is pleasant to watch, happy to remember and evokes a positive association.

memes in marketing

Memes are an interesting and easy to perceive way to diversify the message, which you can often introduce to your activities much faster than, for example, a new blog post. Memes are created every day, so you can certainly find something interesting from the point of view of your brand. This is a chance to attract the attention of the recipients and revive communication with them. If their use does not translate directly into sales, it will certainly increase the recognition of your company.There is also a trap - a situation in which memes released by the company begin to perform a different function from what was intended by the creators. How to avoid entering a brand in a negative meme? First of all, be careful when interacting with social media users. When running a Facebook profile, you must respect them and take their opinions into account. Designing well thought out advertising campaigns, that do not have weaknesses that can be used by competitors and anonymous Internet users, will also help a lot.


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