TOP 5 trends in web design: do you follow them?



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Top 5 trends in web design – do you follow them?

Currently, the market is in a state in which Internet users dictate the conditions and solutions they use. It is impossible to use innovations, new and "fashionable" solutions without their logical and user experience justification. User Experience (UX) is the overall experience the user experiences when using the product (usually digital). Delivering a good UX involves adapting the design to the needs of recipients by designing effective interaction and paying attention to operational reliability and verifying that the user is achieving the goal.

Check how to design your website so that it delights the recipients and causes more frequent and longer visits.

Trend #1 Mobile first. 

The era of the dominance of mobile devices has come. Over a half of Internet users around the world visit websites using smartphones, and this trend will undoubtedly strengthen over the years. It's time to adapt to reality: in a modern, hectic world, a responsive website is a must.


Trend #2 No pagination. 

The content on the website is loaded when the screen is being scrolled down. This solution has been used for years by Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. By using the habits of Internet users, which is shaped by social network sites, you will increase their convenience while browsing your website.

Trend #3 Minimalist design trend. 

Minimalist creation allows to display the most important information and clear communication with the client. This trend is especially popular among brands associated with quality and elegance. When choosing this identification, pay attention to the symmetry on the page, clear interface, consistent colors and intuitive navigation. This rule also applies to published content on a website: concise and specific messages are important to keep the reader's attention. It is also well and easily "convertible" to mobile devices - simple elements, divisions are not problematic to transfer to tablets or smartphones and there is no need to redesign or exclude them from these versions.


Trend #4 Video. 

Replacing long content with video materials (especially when explaining or describing a difficult subject) can increase the engagement of the audience. By publishing video materials you will get the attention of people who do not necessarily want to delve into a long read. This does not mean that you have to give up valuable texts - it is important that the content on your website is varied and engaging.

Trend #5 Fast, optimized websites. 

One of the most important features of a great website that determines its effectiveness in reaching the customer is the speed of loading information. A website that loads too long has a higher bounce rate - it is left by users and does not encourage them to revisit it. The speed of loading the website also contributes to good visibility in Google search engine. So don't forget - a good website design must be not only aesthetic but also functional!


In our opinion, these are just a few of the most important trends, which, in principle, are no discovery, since we've been using them for some time. It is important, however, to closely watch the reactions and responses of recipients.

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