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You have certainly come across the concept of "responsive web design" (RWB). Although the term sounds enigmatic, in everyday web browsing this feature of websites is strongly perceptible. In this article you will learn what "responsive web design" is and why it’s so important for your business.

What is a responsive website?

Do you associate the situation that you visit a website using a smartphone, and instead of a transparent website adapted to your device, you see a site, which is difficult to navigate, requires too much scroll and graphics are disproportionate? That might have happened many times.

In the era of Internet access from any device, it is necessary to have a responsive website! But what does this mean? Well, the responsive website is flexible enough to adapt its appearance and content to the size of the screen of your computer, TV, smartphone or any mobile device. The idea of ​​"responsive web design" (RWD) is a response to the needs of Internet users who browse websites more often on smartphones than computers. Did you know that around 52% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices? And that's why it's important to provide the convenience for your customers and invest in a good, responsive website.

Why do you need it?

The responsiveness of a website has its positive results in many other things that affect the quality of running a business on the Internet. At the same time, experts recommend that you should first design websites for mobile devices. Not only because more potential customers use the Internet from smartphones or tablets, but also because you put less content on a small screen. In this case, less content on the site does not mean anything negative - you just choose priority information about the company and products that you want to convey to visitors. In turn, smaller and more relevant content translates into better website positioning. In addition to content, graphics are customized and retain quality at any screen resolution. What's more, Google favors responsive websites, so without this feature your site has no chance of ranking high in search results.

Responsive websites make life easier not only for internet users, but also for the companies themselves. All they need is one content management system, because the website has the same domain and link structure. For comparison, on mobile websites the link is preceded by the letter "m", which means that you need to operate an additional subdomain and separate analysis of statistics in Google Analytics.

As you can see, your company's internet marketing depends on whether you offer customers a site with current requirements and expectations. Would you like to maximize the number of guests on your site and convert them into customers? Our experts will create a responsive website for you that will meet your and your clients' expectations.

The example of a responsive website:






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