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An online store is almost a mandatory supplement to a traditional business and if someone runs a brick-and-mortar store or sales network, launching an online channel can be a great support for the business. What are the benefits of running an online store?


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1. Lower running costs

The biggest advantage of online store compared to the brick-and-mortar one is lower running costs. Presenting products on virtual websites, not on store shelves allows the use of a much smaller area, which does not have to be in an attractive location. Renting premises in an expensive place where the store will be more popular with visitors is not a concern for e-shop owners.

2. The opportunity to reach millions of customers

When running a brick-and-mortar store, our sales potential is limited to its location. If we transfer this sale to the internet in the form of an online store, our potential is limited only by the budget and the idea we have for its development. Having a million users who visit your online store each month is very achievable. It happens that the zero brand and the new domain may obtain half a million visits per month in one year, where in the next year it may be over a million visits per month.

3. Increased visibility on Google

It is very rare for anyone to recognize that increasing visibility on Google was the reason to launch an online store, and we think that this is a very important factor. The sooner and earlier we start with the online store, the better we will be perceived by Google search engine, of course, it is also possible to achieve very good results from a zero brand, but this requires a thoughtful content marketing strategy wisely combined with SEO, i.e. positioning websites for Google search engine, as well as the right budget.


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4. Greater brand recognition

Of course, in addition to increasing sales, which is obviously the primary goal for every company, having our own online store we build a much better recognition and awareness of our brand because it is the online channel that is the medium in which we spend the most time and is the most opinion-forming for us. It is already a channel in which marketing outlays are the highest of all channels including TV.

5. Immediate purchase at any time

The online store is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to this, customers can shop at any convenient time. In addition, they are able to find a product that they are directly interested in when they got acquainted with its presentation, surfing the Internet. Users can also collect opinions on the planned purchase on various websites and make it immediately.


The e-store can also be ideal support for stationary sales, thanks to which you will not only reach a larger number of customers but will offer them even a free pickup. You operate locally, but you are globally available. Thanks to the synchronization of stock, you only sell what you currently have in your store. Thanks to the simple integration with wholesalers, you can expand your product range with products that you would not normally be able to store in your brick-and-mortar store.


Many companies and brands have missed the right moment to enter online very much and are now trying to make up for it, but it is not so easy, and it certainly requires much more investment than before, when the competition was much smaller.


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