Tips on sales techniques: 6. Show your product in use



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The growing amount of spam and the fact that some companies are pitching people a story means that recipients do not believe in advertising messages and the possibilities of products and services offered. It is very hard to convince them. Therefore, it is worth showing how such a product look in use or effects that can be obtained with it.

How can you show the product in use?

For example, you can show how to create a website yourself. Instead of intensely advertising hosting services or the possibility of buying internet domains, you can show a product that is hosting and domain in real use.
Another example - you run a sports store. Instead of persistently advertising that you have a ball on offer, show what games (long forgotten by modern children) can be realized with balls and which ball for a given game may be the best or which is the most versatile.

product in use

Why should you bet on showing products in use?

  • Increasing the level of trust - showing a product in action can be a kind of review in which you honestly share your opinion about this product. It builds trust.
  • The real context - online stores and manufacturers began to show their products on a white background some time ago. Meanwhile, this product in real scenery (maybe even arranged) says a lot more about it and allows for easier sale.
  • Better customer perception - when a customer sees how you actually use the product, he believes in it more than the best advertisement using special effects and involving the biggest stars.

Show your product in use and enjoy the greatest interest of readers. Check if it will be similar with you.

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