Tips on sales techniques: 5. Show your face



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We know that not everyone likes to show up. And it's not a path for everyone. Of course, this is not the only way, but it is not worth hiding. When running a sole proprietorship or functioning in a group of several people, it is not worth forcefully presenting yourself as a large company. Unfortunately, such behavior can often be found. However, there is no doubt that such openness and exposure to the light of the day helps a lot in sales. People who visit your website once, they start to know you, they know who you are, who they talk to. This makes it much easier for them to like you and as a result to buy something. This way out with your face works not only with bloggers. This also works for smaller and larger companies.

Why is it worth to show your face?

People will remember your face quicker than your company logo or name - There are so many cases. We say that “we are going to the Mr. X's store” or that “the Mrs. Y’s company will do it for us”.

People prefer to buy from a human being than from a machine – when people are looking for service providers, they are much more willing to choose those who show their face on their website than those who hide behind the logo and company name. As Cheepro, we also show our faces! You can follow us on Facebook and see with whom you are dealing with :D

A relationship is created - When you’ll intrude some details from your company or personal life into the texts on the blog, a slightly larger bond is created between you and your recipients, which helps in better sales.

Emotions lead to sales - Emotions in the picture evoke greater confidence and similar emotions in the recipients. It is much easier to lead to a sale with a properly selected photo of a person conveying some feeling than presenting the product in the photo.


Why does this help with non-pushy sales? When a telemarketer calls you, making a cold call arouses negative emotions. He or she will introduce him/herself quickly (or not at all) and immediately goes on sale. Such an action plus the fact that you do not know who you are talking to (you do not know his/her face) means that you do it reluctantly and your feelings are negative. Don't do the same to your clients :)

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