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Advertising campaigns on the Internet are a number of possibilities that are changing dynamically. This is behind the development of technology on the one hand, and current trends on the other. One of the increasingly popular forms of online marketing is advertising on Youtube. What is worth knowing about it and when can it support your business goals?


Target audience on Youtube. Can you reach only the young on this channel?

If you've been thinking about starting marketing activities in the Youtube advertising network, you probably know that the platform, in order to attract advertisers, boasts as many as 1.5 billion logged-in users per month. And what does it look like in practice? Just a few years ago it might seem that Youtube has no idea for itself and the growing number of online music platforms is a serious threat to it. However, time has verified these black scenarios, and the growing popularity of influencers, youtubers, or even transferring entire TV formats to Youtube, allowed the platform to attract new users. The latest statistics on users show that although the representation of the youngest age groups (under 13 and 13-18) is very strong, the strength of Youtube is the users in the range of 18-54... Those are the ones who are most likely to be a sweet spot for advertisers. What else? Despite the fact that Internet users use Youtube less frequently than, for example, Facebook, they spend more time there within one session, and although the level of engagement decreases with the age of the user, it still looks impressive.


Sound tempting? Youtube adds another lure: the promise that your ads will only be billed based on performance. A seemingly revolutionary slogan in reality... means billing models very similar to other online platforms, but it offers an advantage that is valid for almost all online marketing channels: you don't have to have an astronomical budget to get started!


Does your company have to be a Youtuber? Where to start advertising on YT?

Youtube = video ads? Not exactly ???? However, it is worth mentioning that effective implementation of an advertising campaign on the service may require you to create such content, so it is worth including the cost of video production in the campaign budget. Beginning of such activities by your company may be a good opportunity to use the content also in other form or in other channels - including for the purpose of acquiring organic results. Do you run a company in the service industry? Think about what kind of queries your potential customers may be typing into the Youtube search engine and create a video about it, positioning your services. For example, if you are a carpet cleaner, you could call your demonstration video "How to wash a wool carpet" or "Washing an extremely dirty wool carpet"... You could also use such a video on Facebook or Instagram. Do you want to learn more about using video content in advertising your company on social media? Write to us! In Cheepro digital agency we provide a range of services to increase the effectiveness of our clients' online advertising activities. We will prepare solutions tailored to your needs!



Google ad network, or how to serve ads on Youtube

Youtube is owned by Google, so advertising on the platform will be handled by your Google Ads account. There are many formats available, but to use some of them you will need to contact a Google sales representative.

What advertising opportunities can you use on Youtube? Formats are divided depending on their location on the platform, the possibility of skipping by the user, the type (it does not always have to be video). InStream ads with or without the possibility of skipping are short advertising spots displayed before, during or after the video on Youtube. Shorter than them, but using similar mechanics, are bumpers, lasting a maximum of 6 seconds. Discovery is a format that positions the thumbnail of your video in the results or recommendations. Out-Stream ads are not displayed on YouTube itself, but on external services and applications in Google's ad network. Masthead, on the other hand, is a format that allows you to advertise in banners on your homepage. On top of that, of course, there are ad overlays.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless... Which one to choose? The answer to this question is not simple, and in the case of advertising campaigns on Youtube, as in the case of advertising on Google, it is worth using the help of a professional advertising agency, which will support you not only in the creation, but also in the selection of appropriate formats, integration between channels, selection of budgets, allowing you to achieve your business goals. The difficulty of advertising on Youtube results from, among other things, the unavailability of some formats in the auction and only in the reservation system, the need to supervise the posting schedules, due to the fact that for some content Google reserves even a few days for the acceptance process, limited availability of billing models depending on the purpose and format.


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