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Beginnings are always difficult, not only in life, but also in business. A common problem of beginning managers is reaching customers and opinions. They ask themselves the question: where to look and how.

The following are the rules for business success:

Website and company blog

Nowadays, when you think that if something is not on the internet, it simply does not exist, so it is very important to prepare a website for your company. It must be aesthetic and intuitive. On the website, provide information about your products or services, but also about yourself. Thanks to this, the potential recipient will be able to get to know you better, which can result in greater trust.

It is also a good idea to prepare a company blog in which you will show that you are an expert in your offer. Find out what's happening in the industry, share curiosities, write about your products and services. On the blog you can show your advantage over the competition and everything else, which can attract customers to you.

Unusual business cards

Still many employees will not appreciate the power of business cards, which are available to individual customers and companies on a small card. Make sure it stands out with its color, engraving and texture. The business card can also take on a small calendars or have a discount.

Leaflets, catalogs, brochures

Encouraging design and content are the basis that will reach every recipient. Use these materials at trade fairs, conferences and in places frequently visited by people such as shopping centers.

A good leaflet should attract an attractive offer, graphics, and concise text. Engage!

Social Media

 The company's activity in social media gives the chance for a boost of fresh energy and the buzz of business. You gain not only an effective promotional channel, but also a free source of knowledge about customers and access to commercial tools supporting the campaign. Promote yourself on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.


Search for customers in the field. Go to people. Look for networking meetings in your city, thanks to which you will establish relationships. Remember that it is much easier to hire someone you know and shake your hand than an anonymous person on the web. Therefore, meet new people and take care of your network of contacts. They will always be useful.

References, recommendations, and thanks

Many entrepreneurs wonder how to convince a new client to trust them and place an order. They forget that one of the best tools to intensify the credibility and speed up the decision-making process about cooperation are the positive opinions of others.

But be careful! Your image must be truly satisfied with the cooperation or product. Are you sure you provide the highest value and standard of service? Great, so thank your clients for taking advantage of the offer and encourage them to give their opinion. 

Announcements, local platforms

There are many free services on the Internet. Search for ones that match your field and add some original ads on selected platforms.

Acquiring customers and marketing requires time and regularity. In every industry it pays to broaden horizons. By systematically improving your sales skills, you increase your chances of success. If you do this, your actions will be more effective. Set specific goals, save and implement them.



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