Tips on sales techniques: 3. Second sales offer



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Tips on sales techniques: 3. Second sales offer

You have a good product/service to show off, right? That’s great. However, we believe that no company should base its activity on only one product or only on one service. It is always worth having something complementary or a replacement. Even if you are a brand new company.

What you need is:

Second sales offer

Why? Let's start with a positive scenario. What will happen when you build your audience and release information about an organized discount. Suddenly people rush at your product and you sell it quickly. You will have to wait a month for the next delivery from the manufacturer. At this point, it's worth having a second product.

Or another version: a product supplier that sells to you suddenly refuses another delivery. Do you have a backup plan and a possible replacement supplier?

Another example: the market is becoming saturated with the product you have on offer and which has been selling very well. Do you have an alternative for him?

There can be more such cases. Each of them can happen unexpectedly and become a nightmare.

What does having a second offer give you?

·         Safety - When the first product cannot be sold, you always have an alternative.

·         More sales - When you give people a choice of many products, everyone will find something for themselves and will not go away without a lack of interest in the basic offer.

·         Increased conversion - You can test which product is more willingly bought.

Some may say: “my company is new, I keep products in my house and I have no place there for another product”. Ok, so maybe you should consider cooperating with wholesalers? Some people are afraid of such cooperation, but you will not only stop worrying about the warehouse, but also about the shipping of products.

Do you have any questions? If you have any problem you would like us to write about, contact us! A brand new sales tip shows up every week, so stay tuned!

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