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Tips on sales techniques: part 1

Do you have problems with sales? Do you think your sales could be better, but you don't know what you can improve? We’ve created a series of universal tips on sales for you! Sales have never been so easy!

In the beginning, most entrepreneurs, wanting to survive, grab every opportunity. In the long run, however, it is not very interesting and profitable.

Anyway, you don't set up a company to do sales in an unpleasant way. You can do it differently.

Sometimes acquiring customers begins with sending blind emails to random addresses found on the network and performing so-called cold calls to various companies and institutions. Effect? Of course, from time to time it was possible to find and win a client. But admit, the whole ringing process may be one big torture and you don't want to do it. Therefore, here we are with the first tip:

Build your own audience

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The first tip on the list and one of the available methods, when it comes to sales techniques. Building such audience takes a long time. So let's start from the beginning.

Firstly, focus on the audience (potential recipients) that you have direct access to. People around you know you, so you don't have problems with contacting them. For example, you don't purchase ads on Facebook or in the newspaper.

These are the people to whom you have direct contact, e.g. via e-mail or phone and you can use it. Do you see the difference? Calling and emailing people who know you and who are happy to talk to you is something better than calling in the dark and sending spam.

With a good reason it is said that those who have contacts will build a business more easily. It is true - at the beginning, the contacts are family and friends who can become the first customers. You already have a relationship with them. But the number of such contacts is limited, so it's worth making new acquaintances and building your own publication around companies.

How to build such audience?

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Focus on people who like your Facebook fan page and follow the profile on other social networks. Regular and thoughtful managing account in social media may contribute to gather more and more potential customers. You may collect their e-mail addresses and contact details by implementing a newsletter. Why? Your social media account can always be banned by the administrator for any reason. Therefore, you will always have access to the information you’ve gathered, so that you can use them in many different places. See an example of bloggers who gather the addresses of their readers and have many fans on social networks - when the administrator blocks their fan page, they are able to be in touch with their audience via email.

So, having your own audience has two huge pros:

Trust - Your audience has a good relationship with you and trusts you. You are an authority in their eyes.

Access - You have direct access to these people in the way you choose.

Anyway, answer yourself honestly. When you need something and you search Google for offers, you browse dozens of pages. Do you remember the pages you browse? Mostly not, because its owner does not build a relationship with you and trust.

That is why it is worth putting on something that competition do not do. When it comes to sales techniques, this is one of our favorites and the most valuable.

In brief:

Why is it worth having your own audience?

Greater stability - You have your own contact base, so you don't rely on external suppliers.

Increased sales - You don't pay for every ad; you send information about new offers, promotions, articles on the blog whenever you want.

Potential client base - When you decide to sell a new product or service in the future, you already have a potential customer base.

How to build your own audience?

Collect contact details - Email addresses, phone numbers that you will use to contact.

Build social media profiles - More channels to reach audiences.

Remarketing - You can use contact details and profiles in social media to contact people who have already been interested in your products/service.

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