Supporting online sales - what methods and tools are worth reaching for?



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Advertising activities, both for online and stationary store, should be directed to support sales. In a small business branding is of course very important... But if your communication does not translate into increased sales, you should get a warning light. How to conduct effective marketing on the Internet?


How to advertise a company on the Internet

Advertising your business on the internet is an endless opportunity - but not every tool or method will be right for your business. You need to consider things like profitability, scale, and your area of operation. Of course, everyone may be tempted by a gigantic campaign on one of the largest portals in Poland, but ... such an action does not equal success. The choice of tools you will use should be based on your knowledge about the behavior and needs of your potential customers. You know that your customers use Facebook, but are not fond of Instagram? Then invest in advertising your business on FB instead of expensive efforts with influencers. The more you know about your audience, the better you can profile your actions and ads, tailoring them to their lifestyle rhythms, values, interests and a whole host of other aspects relating to your customers!


Online sales support. At the end of the day, that's what counts!

Are there hundreds of reactions to your Facebook posts? Are your reach bars skyrocketing? You decided to publish a sponsored article on a well-known portal, which was read by thousands of people? If your online sales are stagnant, something has gone wrong. This is a frequent problem both for people who conduct communication activities on their own and those who decide to support the agency.


A well-tailored action to support online sales should take into account a number of tools and indicators. The first stage of the campaign is to build the reach - reaching the target groups, i.e. such people who could potentially be interested in purchase - with information about your offer. The next step is to arouse desire - and the final step is to induce purchase. This is the most basic description of a purchase funnel, a model in which you match your audience to a specific moment of interaction with your brand, allowing you to better profile your offer and messages to that person's needs. The problem is that more often than not, advertising for a business stops at stage one.


E-commerce. How to get started?

Do you run an online store and don't know where to start planning your marketing efforts? One of the ways you can choose is to enlist the support of a professional e-commerce agency, preferably one that also has a solid marketing background. Specialists will help you every step of the way, providing e-commerce consulting from the optimization stage of the site itself, through the development of advertising goals, channels, budgets and customer paths.


Theoretically, you can do everything yourself. However, it is worth taking advantage of professional support. Effective actions for e-commerce are characterized by multichannel. Using your store as an example: you can use your company's advertising on Google to attract potential customers, e.g. by presenting products in Google Merchant Center or advertising in the search network. A customer has visited your website and what happens next? The agency will expertly select advertising formats for the Google campaign, crossing them with other channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, mailings, etc. It will implement remarketing and propose actions to convert your new users into loyal, returning customers.

What is important, currently online marketing tools allow for extensive optimization of activities: quick verification of the effectiveness of channels at individual stages of the purchase path or increasing the profitability of marketing activities. However, the synergy between channels requires a professional approach and avoiding the common mistakes that cause ads to fail.



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