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Performance marketing is a field that has taken agency portfolios and company marketing plans by storm, especially those in the e-commerce space. Performance-based campaigns - doesn't it sound great? Check how you can use such actions in your company!


Effective advertising on the Internet

Many entrepreneurs became discouraged with advertising activities after which they did not see any measurable effect. Television or press advertisement, leaflets... it is not without reason that some companies decide to resign from such traditional forms and more and more popular is marketing on the Internet - including effectiveness marketing. Why? On the one hand, it ensures much more precise reaching. In the case of almost all platforms, the target group for your campaigns can be selected on the basis of demographic, interest or behavioural data. The communication with specific users, selected on the basis of your knowledge about their characteristics, significantly increases the probability of making a purchase. Secondly, in this way you reach exactly the places where contemporary consumers spend most of their time and where they make their purchasing decisions... And if you choose the right tools, you can even build your reach precisely when they are looking for products or services like yours! Efficiency marketing as an advertisement for a company providing support for online sales has another important aspect - in case of many platforms the campaigns will be settled on the basis of obtained conversion, i.e. customer's purchase.



Performance marketing - what it is?

Performance marketing, or efficiency marketing, is a term referring to advertising campaigns implemented in models where payment is charged per action or result. This is where many indicators come from, such as CPC (Cost per click), CPA (Cost per Action, Cost per Acquisition). What can be such a result? Getting 1000 impressions, clicking a link and going to your website, leaving a lead, making a purchase, responding to a social media post. Sounds great, right? However, we must warn you that for many platforms and campaigns the only model available will be CPM, where you pay just for getting 1000 impressions. However, this does not mean that such advertising will not be effective. An additional element of campaigns in online marketing is that they are optimized precisely to get some action from the user, such as a purchase.


Performance marketing - what platforms can you use?

As we have already mentioned, performance marketing refers to advertising activities on the internet. Of course, there are many possibilities, but it is not without reason that a few of them are the most popular among entrepreneurs and marketers. First, there is advertising your business on Google. Advertising on Google Adwords is a format in which your company's ads will be displayed in users' search results. A GDN campaign, on the other hand, allows you to display image ads on the ad network, including multiple portals, to users of your choice. In this context, it is also worth mentioning remarketing - i.e. displaying ads to users who visited your company's website but did not perform the desired action (e.g. purchase, form completion). Google Ads also includes advertising on Youtube.


The second most popular performance marketing network is Facebook. Facebook or Instagram - advertising on both platforms is handled from the same tool, so we can treat this system as one. Social media is a great marketing choice not only if your target audience is very young people. Advertising on FB gives a number of possibilities: attractive advertising formats, with the use of video or static creations, the possibility of presenting products in attractive collections selected on the basis of data on user preferences increase the effectiveness of the campaign.




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