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Have you ever seen a pop-up which contains a free content to download if you give your e-mail address? This is a lead magnet.

What is a lead?

It may be best if we start with the concept of "lead". You have probably met this many times, maybe you already know what we are talking about, but for the sake of clarity:

Lead - is an entity or company that has the need to purchase a given service or product and is a potential customer. A sales lead can be a person who shows interest by leaving his/her email address to a given company.

Thus, the lead magnet is a magnet that attracts the interested customer. This is a free product, usually an e-book, which is valuable to your client. He leaves an email address valuable to you and in return he gets free knowledge. If you do not apply such an offer in your company, you lose a lot. Generating leads through a lead magnet is crucial in a marketing strategy.

You probably do not need to convince anyone that email contact is currently the most effective form of marketing - the key to success, however, is an extensive mailing list, and then providing users with valuable content that will make them want to use our offer. However, to be able to start your activities in the field of email marketing, you must first acquire the right number of contacts and this is where a good lead magnet can help us.

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How does an effective lead magnet look like?

1. Unique - it must attract the attention of recipients and make them unable to pass around it indifferently.

2. Useful and beneficial - the user who is to share his/her data with us should have the impression that thanks to such action he has a chance to gain some specific benefit.

3. Easy to perceive - shorter forms have a much better impact on contemporary recipients. Extensive forms are therefore not welcomed.

4. Tailored to the client - before creating a lead magnet, be sure to define your target client and create an offer that responds to his needs and problems. It is not about the lead magnet reaching everyone, it is about encouraging people who can become your customers.

5. Easily accessible - free of charge, which we offer for sharing data, should be available immediately, and its receipt must be maximally simplified.

When it comes to what to offer your potential clients, the matter is not easy. You should take into account both the needs of users as well as your own limitations and strengths (for example: if you do not feel well when creating videos, you are not able to offer a good, free video with your advice).

The basic thing is to know the options you have - the gift you offer can be:

  • planner
  • spreadsheet
  • list of tasks to be performed
  • short movie
  • a discount
  • access to a trial lesson
  • mini-course
  • access to the challenge
  • e-book
  • free shipping

lead magnet

There are so many possibilities, and everything depends only on your imagination. It is a good idea to test various giveaways and check what is the most popular, in this way you will certainly be able to adjust the promotion that is best for your clients.

Do you want an effective lead magnet? We can create one tailored to your business and your ideas! Contact us!


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