Influencer marketing - does it pay off?



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Influencer marketing is one of the most popular forms of advertising on the Internet - both in large companies and small and medium businesses. Successive image crises of influencers and bloggers seem not to affect the solid position of this form of marketing. How to start such activities and what should you pay attention to in order for this channel to become an effective sales support tool for you?


Influencer marketing - why is it worth it?

Among the answers to the question "How to advertise your business online", influencer marketing will definitely rank high among the available opportunities and tools. First of all, it is a good way to build a wide reach and recognition for your products and brand. Most influencers are active on Instagram, and there is also a growing crowd of so-called "Tiktokers". Some also offer advertising campaigns on Facebook, Youtube or their own blog. Each of these channels means new recipients - and since they are fans, admirers of the influencer with whom you cooperate, you can count on the fact that liking and trust will also translate into sales. Developing your own social media profiles is a process that requires work and financial resources. Working with an influencer can give your online store or business a real, immediate boost!



Influencer marketing - how to get started?

Working with influencers should start with defining your target audience - identifying the maximum amount of data you are sure about your potential customers. What age group is this? Are they residents of large or rather medium-sized cities? What are their interests? You will need all this information to choose the right influencer to work with. Let's say you sell interactive, educational toys for children. Should you work with a parenting instagrammer or a technology blogger? Just working on your target audience will help you answer such questions.

Once you have chosen your influencers, you can start negotiating. Before sending out requests, think about what kind of activity you expect from them. How can their activities translate into sales support? What should they do to make influencer marketing an effective online advertisement for you? Maybe it is a series of InstaStories with product tests, or maybe it is rather posts with subtle placement? Do you want the influencer to distribute a discount code for your store? Do you want to settle in a barter system, based on a designated amount or maybe a commission on sales? Remember to be open to suggestions and ideas from the influencers themselves - they know their audience best!


Agreement and arrangements with an influencer - what should they include?

Remember that, as in any industry, you may run into people who are, to put it mildly... not serious. Detailed arrangements, including the duration of the campaign, the form of material acceptance, the mechanics of the action, the number of posts, the key messages, and a written agreement are a guarantee of your interests, as well as clear guidelines and a plan for both parts. Completing the paperwork will make the whole process much easier. Of course, if you plan to send organic bars to hundreds of micro-influencers, you won't sign a contract with everyone. However, if you want to implement a larger campaign that will not be based on barter - formalization is highly recommended!



Fake followers, advertising poles - what to watch out for in influencer marketing?

Depending on the funds you have at your disposal, you may decide to cooperate with the most famous "personalities" or the so-called micro-influencers. In both cases, however, it is worth verifying the people with whom you intend to start working. First, verify their fan or follower base - check if they are real accounts, what is the average age of the audience, their background, gender. This process can lead you to some not-so-pleasant surprises. Another issue is the real engagement of followers. A person has tens of thousands of followers, "hearts" under their posts, but nothing interesting comes out of their comments? A warning light should go on! The last issue is the frequency of cooperation and the quality of the influencer's campaigns so far. If every post or entry of a person has an advertising character and in one photo he/she stands for dozens of brands... Well, this is not a reliable recommendation for your brand and you should not expect any measurable effects from such cooperation.


Influencer marketing - is it worth working with an agency?

As you can see, influencer marketing is not such a simple field. If you want it to become an effective way of advertising on the Internet, you should consider working with an agency. We do not mean an agency that represents influencers, but an advertising agency - an independent entity that will represent your interests. What will be the tasks of such an agency? Developing an advertising plan with an influencer, researching potential influencers and verifying accounts, negotiating and signing a contract, preparing dispatches (note: you do not just send products to influencers, but so-called "creative dispatches"), coordinating activities, monitoring and reporting. This is a multi-stage process that also requires a great deal of intuition and negotiating skills. Learn more about the implementation of advertising campaigns with influencers in Cheepro!



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