Collaborating with influencers. Top 10 tips for beginners



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Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly important branch of online marketing. On the surface, this type of activity seems very simple, after all, the main burden of creative work should rest on the blogger or instagramer. However, unsuccessful campaigns, often widely echoed in the industry, show that working with influencers is often not easy. Today we publish 10 key tips about influencer marketing!


#1 Influencer marketing - how to get started? Start with a budget!

Starting without knowing your budget for an influencer marketing campaign is like shooting a bullet. You may start the first negotiations and then... have to withdraw. Or on the contrary, you may decide to work on barter, when in fact you can afford the most recognizable names. Knowing your campaign budget will also help you decide how many influencers you can work with.


#2 Think about the expected goal

This is actually the answer to the question "Influencer marketing - why is it worth it?". Before you choose influencers and decide on a specific campaign shape and message, you need to set goals for your advertising efforts. Will it be to build brand awareness or maybe definitely to support sales?



#3 Research your target audience

Just because someone is recognizable and has so-called "high reach" doesn't mean that working with them will realistically support your business goals. Advertising on the Internet allows you to collect a lot of valuable, often very detailed data about your customers and audience. The influencer you choose should be able to reach this group... Unless your goal is to develop the market and build sales in completely new target groups.


#4 Integrate influencer advertising into your marketing efforts

Advertising with an influencer that is completely incompatible with your marketing strategy and ongoing efforts may not have the intended effect. Consider how you can incorporate such collaborations into your social media campaigns or ongoing social media communications. Preferably more than just reposts ????


#5 Create an influencer shortlist

Creating a baseline shortlist of influencers to work with will keep your efforts streamlined and your process coordinated. Instead of writing to hundreds of people, you will contact the most desirable ones first.


#6 Prepare a detailed brief

A detailed brief to the influencer will help you avoid misunderstandings later. How many posts do you expect? Are you more interested in stories or static posts? Do you want to use the influencer's content in your own channels? How long will the campaign last? Do you anticipate a special discount code for followers? These are just some of the questions you should consider.



#7 Take care of SEO!

If you decide to work with bloggers, it's a good idea to take care of SEO issues in Google at the very beginning. Determine what type of links you expect (no-follow is becoming a standard), what anchors should look like, where they should lead. Valuable links may increase the cost of cooperation.


#8 Prepare a contract

An agreement with an influencer secures the interests of both parties by clearly indicating the framework of the cooperation or the process of accepting materials.


#9 Be Polite

What could be worse than stepping on the toes of someone who reaches thousands of users? Remember to be professional and communicate with influencers in a nice, cultured way. Often bloggers and instagrammers complain about influencers who send hundreds of requests for collaboration... only to later fail to even thank them for the offer they sent.


#10 Coordinate Activities

Influencers are just people whose job is not at all easy. Remember that proper coordination of activities will increase the effectiveness of the campaign. Establish a process for approving content, monitor the compliance of publications with the schedule, and make sure that the activities are consistent with your brand message. For example, if you give an influencer a 15% discount code for their followers... at the same time, do not organize your own promotion with a 30% discount (contrary to what you may think, this is a common mistake).



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