A quick tip for impulsive sales in your business!



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A quick tip for impulsive sales in your business: SALE!

Who doesn’t like sales – a show of hands! … No one? …

Well, price reduction is the easiest way to promote your products.


Leave it to those who are most undecided. It is advisable to pay attention to remarketing groups, i.e. groups of people who have already visited your website and you want to re-engage them. If a user visits your website, reads articles, adds something to the cart, but still has not made a purchase, give them a discount. Maybe they will be tempted now.

Why is it worth doing? Because you have already devoted a lot of money and a lot of time to reach this person. Let at least some of the money invested now be returned.

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Time limit


However, to make it not so easy, limit a person's reaction time. Give them a limited time to make their decision. Let it be tens of minutes or a maximum of several days (depending on what you sell).

If you want to limit your offer temporarily, you will definitely need a counter that will count down the time left for the future customer to make a decision. The passing seconds add the feeling of a passing opportunity. There is one of free countdown timers: freecountdown

Black weekend is coming - let’s do this!

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