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Plan: Professional

4898.00 USDper month

4299 USDper month


You want to kick off your online business for real? This is the pack to choose. No half-measures – just pure action. First of all, you get a serious-size online shop where you can list as many items as You want! This requires more pressure on getting leads from Facebook, Instagram and Google. But no worry, we make it easy for you. With this pack your social channels will be operating on a full scale, your blog will be posting elaborate articles both for SEO and content marketing purposes, and ad campaigns will drive your business like a race car engine. Plus you’ll be getting even more attention from our expert team. 


This pack includes:

  • running a Facebook fan page or an Instagram profile,
  • 24 posts per month (graphics included) on your preferred channel,
  • 3 commercial videos per month
  • 5 Facebook Ads campaigns per month (up to your advertising budget),
  • 4 Google Ads campaign per month (up to your advertising budget),
  • free support,
  • monthly report,
  • 7 experts assigned to your project,
  • personalized contact with our Project Manager.


  • online shop with no limits (Magento),
  • website up to 10 subpages,
  • hosting for free as long as you subscribe,
  • free email setup,
  • responsive design (website fully functional on any device),
  • SEO package - we optimize the website for better listing results (e.g. Google),
  • In the first three months, we focus more resources on creating a website / store. In the following months we focus more on SEO and website visibility to increase your sales! 
  • 12 articles per month (up to 1700 characters) - The more articles and the longer they are, the better it is for your website listing,
  • free support,
  • online payment system,
  • invoicing and inventory management options.

Only 143 USD a day!

Combo plans are offered for a minimum period of 3 months.

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