Google ad network - what opportunities do you get?



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What is the Google ad network and what opportunities does it offer? Find out why it's so important for your business!


What is Google Ad Network?

The advertising network is nothing more than a collection of over 2 million websites, applications and videos, on which ads prepared in the AdWords system can be displayed. Statistics show that the Google advertising network reaches up to 90% of people who have access to the Internet! Advertising on the Internet is not only Google AdWords advertisements or positioning. As part of the Google Display Network, it is possible to broadcast advertisements in graphic form. Google's advertising network is characterised by a very large range and number of displays and a multitude of advertising forms.



Reach possibilities

GDN ads are displayed on large sites and popular websites, as well as on small, lesser-known sites or blogs. They are visible regardless of whether the Internet user is using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. If the recipient is in the target group you are targeting with your display ad, they are sure to see your marketing message - regardless of what websites they visit and what device they use.


Precise targeting

The biggest advantage of using Google's advertising network is the ability to define your target audience. If you buy advertising space on a billboard located on a building, it will be visible to everyone. And this is also a way of promotion, because it is likely that among the people who will see the ad there will be those who are actually interested in the topic, or the ad will arouse their curiosity. However, wouldn't it be better to direct the advertisement to interested recipients? This is how GDN advertising works. You define the target group to which your offer is addressed and it is these people who will see your advert.


Pay as you wish!

A campaign in Google's advertising network can be charged according to the CPC model (cost per click, no fee for impressions) or the CPM model (cost per 1,000 impressions, no fee for clicks). Both models are beneficial to depending on the goal you want to achieve. If you do not know which solution is the most beneficial for you, ask our specialists.




The role of a marketing campaign does not end when a user reaches the advertiser's website. The success is only the sale. But what if the user flips the basket and does not finish shopping? Then remarketing is an indispensable solution. Remarketing is about displaying ads to people who have already visited your website, but did not take the expected action - e.g. did not decide to buy. If you use remarketing, these users will see your product ads again. An additional advantage is that the message can be even more personalised. Remarketing ads can be tailored to your audience based on what actions they have taken on your website. This means they can show the exact products the user viewed. 



The campaigns you run on Google's ad network are easily customisable, allowing you to focus on specific target groups and achieve very specific goals. Google offers a huge range of campaign types - from image, to sales, to remarketing. And all this in search results, mobile apps, Gmail and YouTube platforms or websites that are part of Google's partner network.



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