Facebook or Instagram - which is better for advertising?



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Social media is already an integral part of online marketing. The multitude of channels and platforms makes companies face a not simple task - an appropriate selection or decide to run all social media for the company ... Is it really necessary?


Facebook or Instagram?

The most popular social media, namely Facebook and Instagram, are most often taken into consideration, although of course this does not exhaust the list of options. Each time, it's important to remember that running social media and advertising on TikTok, Youtube or Pinterest will require investment - time and money, even if you choose to manage the channels in-house. Given this, it's no wonder that many companies basically limit their choice to two media, the biggest ones, narrowing the decision down to advertising on Instagram or advertising the company on Facebook.

Which of these channels is better? There is no simple answer to this question. It all depends on your objectives, your product, your target audience... Perhaps both are legitimate in your case. However, it is worth remembering that although both belong to the same giant and the level of integration between them is very high, publishing exactly the same content in both channels is not a good solution. Instagram and Facebook have slightly different technical requirements, slightly different possibilities for social media advertising campaigns, and above all - to put it simply - they look different, which translates into radically different consumption by users.



How to advertise your business online: Facebook

The demise of Facebook has been regularly rumoured for many years. However, Facebook is not doing too badly, it is constantly evolving, and the pandemic has brought a significant improvement in statistics on user behaviour and time spent on the site. Yes, it's getting harder and harder to "pull" great organic results on the site, but the exact same goes for Instagram. Facebook will be extremely important to you especially if your goals are related to performance marketing. Campaigns related to website traffic acquisition, leads, often even those optimised for conversions perform much better on Facebook than on Instagram, generating better results and lower costs. So if you're running an online shop, it's definitely worth leaning into Facebook for business and using it in support of sales. Additionally, if you know that your product or service is 'un-Instagram', you need to take into account that communication on Facebook will simply be much easier. Quality, aesthetically pleasing photos on Instagram still matter a great deal, and creative and banner ads don't work very well here. On Facebook, you can afford to use many post formats or ads, for example, carousels, which still work perfectly for presenting many products, significantly increasing the click-through rate of the ad.




How to advertise your business online: Instagram

Instagram will certainly be crucial for you if your company operates in the fashion & beauty area.  In many studies, users invariably declare that the service is a source of inspiration for them. Fashion, accessories, cosmetics, jewellery - you don't need to use a professional photo studio to present them beautifully on Instagram, and thanks to integrations with your shop, you can also effectively support sales by using the channel in this case. However, it is certainly IG that generates better results in terms of user engagement, and the costs of such campaigns are lower here. In choosing "Facebook or Instagram - advertising on which portal?" you should also take into account the target group. Although it's not quite that simple, we can generalise that the younger the target group for your products and services, the more emphasis you should place on Instagram.



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