Digital agency - how can it help you and how to choose a good one?



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Are you running or starting a business? Surely you have wondered whether it is worth cooperating with an agency which will take care of advertising for your company. There are many such entities on the market and choosing the right one is not at all obvious or simple. What is worth checking? What should you pay attention to?


Good advertising agency. What does it do?

Advertising agency is a very capacious bag ... Social media, SEO, advertising campaigns on the Internet, and even production studios - there are many specialties. Some entities decide to accumulate many services in their offer, others are focused on a narrow range. Therefore, before starting your search, it is worth answering the question what part of your activities you want to outsource. Do you care only about a narrow range, or maybe about large-scale activities supported by consultancy? An experienced agency can assist you not only in the implementation of a campaign, but also in setting goals, choosing tools and developing a marketing plan for the company.



Digital agency - what is it?

Recent years have brought dynamic development of marketing on the Internet. New platforms and opportunities, as well as growing importance of e-commerce - it is no wonder that among advertising specialists also specialised entities have emerged. Is it worth using the services of a digital agency or e-commerce agency? Definitely yes! Effective trade on the Internet is really a system of communicating vessels, where each element is of great importance. Using a comprehensive service will increase the level of integration of tools in your actions, their synergy - and this will translate into more sales... and your time, because instead of introducing and briefing several entities, you will be able to do it once. What is more, if you decide on a wide package of services in one agency, you can count on discounts for specific activities.


So what can such an agency do?


Creating and designing online shops

Do you run e-commerce and think about refreshing or redeveloping your shop? Or maybe you are just starting out? A specialised agency can support you from the very beginning, and based on its knowledge and experience, help you avoid many mistakes.


Company positioning

Positioning your company in Google and proper optimisation, i.e. SEO, is becoming increasingly important... and increasingly difficult. You can expect the agency not only to take action on the website itself, but above all to develop a strategy that is consistent with your business goals.


Advertising on Google

Where do your potential customers look for the products they want to buy? On Google, of course! Google Ads campaigns are an extremely important part of online marketing and, if conducted in the right way, they will quickly contribute to online sales or visits to your showroom. Google Ads is not only positioning in search results (AdWords), but also GDN campaign or advertising on Youtube.


Social media handling and advertising on social media

Facebook or Instagram - social media advertising is not just a choice between these two platforms, but indeed due to their size they are crucial. Social media handling can cover many different areas: from ongoing communication on profiles, to moderation, to planning and handling advertising campaigns.



How to choose an agency?

Once you know what you expect, it's time to start choosing! In order to verify the agency's activities, it is worth asking for a presentation of past implementations. After all, satisfied customers who have been successful are your best recommendation! Many entities place on their websites a list of companies they have worked with. Is it worth suggesting them? You should definitely pay more attention to case studies - they really tell you what the agency carried out for the client and what the result was.

Does the location of the agency matter? Well, pandemic times have shown that it doesn't, and that many important matters can be dealt with by calls or videoconference. Digital agency: Berlin, Warsaw, London or Paris... It is not the location, but competence and success stories that should be behind your choice. Remember, that being located in a smaller city may result in a lower service price!

Ready to make a choice? As a digital agency with experience, competence and pro-client approach, we recommend you!????



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