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The best advertising? Of course the cheap and effective one! Developing online advertising tools have opened a whole new spectrum of marketing opportunities for companies that do not have astronomical budgets. Such campaigns have another huge advantage - if properly configured, they allow you to easily charge according to efficiency.


Low-cost company advertising

You want to support your business with marketing, but you don't know where to start and at the same time you realise that your financial possibilities are limited? Online marketing is the perfect solution for you, especially if you run an online shop or provide online booking services. First of all, online advertising enables you to start a campaign even with a really small budget. For example, in the case of a Google campaign in the search results, or, as it is still often called, AdWords, you can set a daily expenditure of $2,5, which after a month will give you an amount of about $80. Of course, the results of the ads will depend on the costs incurred - and the number of impressions and clicks for a given price is also influenced by the competitiveness of the given phrase, but the example shows that the entry threshold for marketing on the Internet is low.


The benefit in the case of this type of marketing is also greater effectiveness of campaigns - provided they are well configured, of course. Advertising a company on the Internet, for example on Facebook or Instagram, allows you to even very narrowly define the target group and optimise the campaign for the expected effect, which may also be sales. 


What is worth taking into account when setting the budget?

It's important to remember that ultimately, at the end of the day, it's always the sales that will count, and it's worth investing the kind of money that is achievable for you - but will also allow you to be effective. In this case, you can afford to be flexible. You can increase or decrease the budget you set as the campaign progresses, depending on the results it delivers. It's also worth considering a gradual increase in scale and differentiation. There is a reason why sales funnel concepts are so popular right now. Conversion will be key for you every time, but getting there can take different routes. It's also worth including things like incremental branding and product interest, as well as remarketing, as important sales support in the course of action. How would this look in practice? Let's go back to our example of advertising a company on Google. Let's assume that you start with the aforementioned AdWords. These allow you to generate an increased number of in-store transactions. You decide to use the money you earn to intensify your efforts. At this stage, you may find it more optimal to use Youtube, for example - the ads allow you to acquire lists of viewers who have actively reacted to the content and gone to your website, so they are already familiar with the product. You build your brand awareness - and in the next step you close shopping carts. 



Digital agency in advertising with a small budget

Even if you operate with a small budget for online advertising, it is worth considering using the services of a digital agency. Deciding to cooperate with experts, you can count on their support not only in setting an optimum campaign budget, but also their appropriate optimisation and development of high quality materials for ads, which will affect the effectiveness of actions. Additionally, the Agency may recommend and implement a number of so-called organic activities, i.e. free of charge. What are they about? For example: the scope of "Facebook advertising" includes not only paid campaigns in the most popular social network in Poland (and in the world!), but also communication on the fanpage. Although it will not bring immediate results, properly conducted it will allow you to increase your organic reach over time. Another very important example is SEO - i.e. positioning in Google search results in a free way.



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