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Hello, we are Cheepro.

Cheepro stands for “cheerly-proactive specialist”. We are a Full Service Provider company (FSP), our flexible solutions will help you succeed.


Expand our services into consulting to help our clients achieve internationalization based on our proven expertise.


To make digital success feel effortlessly for our clients by providing them with the most flexible and effective partnership.


Our team consists of young and creative professionals who are well aware of the latest global trends and can translate them into marketing services tailored to the needs of our clients. We work in many countries on four continents and our experts provide IT and marketing services at the highest level, at the best price.


Head of Marketing & Content Strategist


A childhood decision to become a marketer has grown to today building and implementing strategies for companies on an international scale. Seven years in the industry resulted in a huge marketing strategies, advertising campaigns and a wide network of contacts. A man who accepts challenges with a smile on his face. Even those in extreme sports!


Social Media Specialist


For many years she's been promoting brands in social media, conducting image and sales activities. She thinks strategically, and the fact that she knows this world so well makes her always seem to be a few steps ahead! She's a treasure trove of knowledge about YouTube and influencer marketing.


US Managing Director


A man who can take you anywhere you want! Private pilot license holder and keen traveller. Number of 46 visited countries speaks for itself. Professionally, general manager for American market. Privately, passionate about strategic management, futurism of trade and mystical philosophy.




Facebook and Google advertising practitioner since the age of 16 - He sees his personal expression of art in numbers and data. Focuses on continuous development, both professionally and personally. Privately a strength sports and cycling enthusiast.




Marketer who gained experience in large media house structures, currently focuses on the development of influencer marketing and is passionate about all non-standard forms of promotion. She sees marketing as a kind of applied art. Privately, she is also interested in culture and art, apart from visiting Zachęta Gallery in her free time she takes photos and paints.




He loves contact with business customers. Regardless of the size of the entity he is negotiating with, he puts great emphasis on mutual respect and understanding. Behavioral economics is one of his interests, and working with many entrepreneurs has become his way of dealing with it on a daily basis.


Project Manager


Volcano of creativity! For as long as she can remember, she has been involved in designing and building new things. She combined her technical studies with management studies. In her work she believes in the power of communication, and privately she loves new technologies. Daily you will see her riding an electric monocycle!


Customer Service Manager


He took his first steps in sales 11 years ago and discovered that nothing makes him happier than raising the bar higher and higher. His favorite topics are telephone sales, customer service and negotiations, which he willingly shares on his website. Privately an honorary blood donor and a true fan of his dog!


Performance specialist


Master of digital performance and good creation. She gained her experience in a large Warsaw advertising agency. Specialises in Facebook and Instagram ads. Privately a lover of dancing, psychology and sweet pastries.


Software Engineer


A programmer with a passion. Her job is to build new IT systems and add functionality to existing ones. She focuses on innovation, automated tests and clean code! If you like science fiction, you will find many common themes.


Graphic Designer


A man for whom DTP and webdesign projects are everyday life. From learning by trial and error, through freelance assignments, to seeing his designs on billboards! Now he is developing in stage technology. We keep our fingers crossed that soon Michal will also help you with professional sound and lighting of your events!


Senior 3D Animator


Growing up among electronics, games, and computers definitely had a huge impact on her! The perfect person to create augmented reality, motion capture, or 3D modeling. She also holds music close to her heart, which she creates herself.


Video Editor


An example of a cinephile who grew into a true artist! At a turning point in his life, he put all his cards on film and television. Working in the UK, many sleepless nights and constantly building a client base allowed him to turn his passion into a profession... And his beloved parkour is great for stimulating creativity!


We are proud to be recognized as a leading digital service provider for delivering the best value solutions to our clients. We are winners of the prestigious “Mediorum Ecommerce Award”. We continually strive towards our commitment to become the most customer-centric company that people choose to receive quick, cheap and world-class digital services.


We partner with the leading technology providers in the market to deliver world-class digital solutions and platforms. Our partners include:

We’re pretty cool… At least that’s what our moms tell us. Let’s make something amazing together.

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